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Yes, couldn’t ask for more. At the time I purchased the doll, the site had really awesome deals going on. The doll arrived in good shape without any damages at all. The details of the doll is exactly how the advertising images shown on the website. On a side note. I can not omit the … Product Review

Yes, this doll looks and feels very realistic. She fulfills sexual needs very well. I also think it would be nice to chat with her online so she can provide emotional support and closeness, how do you say? You want a hug or a cuddle? She can help you with that. Dolls don’t replace people, … Is It Worth the Investment?

Yes, great investment. I have been looking to replace my doll’s old, torn body for a while now. I fell in love with her body. So I searched around for a replacement. Since her head is in great condition I wasn’t concerned with too much customization. I shopped around for lower prices and quick shipping …