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Yes, the seller is the best. I really like how it looks. I think she is beautiful even in the pictures, but she is more beautiful and beautiful in real life, which amazes me. The interior, like the real thing, is the best. All 3 holes are well done. This is my first doll, but the packaging is sturdy. In addition to the doll, the underwear in the photo is wrapped in a pink blanket, USB heater, cleaning container, comb, gloves and instruction manual. Arrived within 13 days of ordering. (Legit Or Another Scam?)

Yes, they are legally operated. This is the first time I’ve purchased such a realistic sex doll. I bought it and tried it right away, but the price is reasonable and I am satisfied. If you think it’s just the appearance, the sense of use is real, the pleasure is irresistible. It feels completely different from a normal masturbator. You can enjoy it by using it for viewing purposes or do whatever you want. I’m glad I bought it. (Legit Or Another Scam?)

Yes, the seller is legit. This is an amazing product. I used a doll, but when I bought it, it was better than expected. I really like what the doll looks like. I like the style, just like catalog photos. Soft and realistic texture. There are 3 holes, the front is loose and the back is tight, you can enjoy it to the fullest. Lotion is a must. Best product I’ve tried so far. I would buy clothes like to dress her. I’m a man, but I’m not ashamed because it’s a hobby.

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Yes, you are safe to shop here. Life size doll, the product is also very good, the clothes are not the same as they state on their site, but the product is the same as the photo, it is really cute. Communication before arrival was also polite and good. I can wear the clothes I buy with no problem, it’s lovely. Thanks to you, I was able to welcome a very beautiful wife! It’s great because it appears to be molded. And thanks for your kind response.

Is Safe ?

Yes, it’s safe! Thank you for your wonderful doll. I’m amazed how realistic it looks. The body has good reproducibility, and you can enjoy various alignments, so you won’t get bored, and it feels good to be inserted correctly. The texture appears to be quite soft and reproduces like human skin. It also feels pleasant inside. This is my first time buying a masturbator of this size and I am happy with the purchase. It’s as cute as the photo. It’s so cute and every day is fulfilling. (Legit Or Another Scam?)

Yes, it is a legit site. The 3nd day after the delivery completion notice was issued…my wife finally came~. really long. I was relieved to receive the same item as the picture. It’s a bit more expensive than the average adult product, but I think it’s worth it! I tried using it for a trial, but now there are only the best words, haha. I was impressed by how well made and cute it was. The tightness is just right for me. Good elasticity and texture. Please enjoy!

Is this sex doll vendor legit?

Yes, they are legit. I love how sturdy it is, fell in love with the picture at first sight, bought my first doll, perfect body and face, beautiful workmanship. Very pretty, cute and erotic. I am very happy with it, it exceeded my expectations. She can do things real women can’t! I was surprised when it arrived. It is more realistic, the chest is very close to the real woman, and the waist is not too thin, very realistic.

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Yes, they provide great service and the doll is wonderful! This love doll is stretchy so it feels great! The feeling inside is also very exciting, the internal structure is complex, and the feeling is not bad. The boobs and hips are soft and nice! The vaginal opening is narrow and difficult to access, but lotions for masturbators can be used. When you plug it in, it feels like it’s inside. I think I’m addicted to dolls, but I’m satisfied. I was even more excited when I saw her in her clothes and underwear. I’m enjoying a feeling I’ve never tasted before.

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Yes, the seller is rather friendly and the doll is high quality. Oh! nice boobs!! Jelly breasts are extra soft. This girl is going to sleep with me tonight so I think I can get a good night’s sleep. The softness of the chest is as expected. It feels good to knead. The first night I immediately showered and powdered, but both holes had just the right amount of tightness and the best. The body is huge, so for better or worse, it’s heavy. Be careful not to hurt your back.

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Yes, the site is trustworthy. Bought this time at RSLD. Very satisfied. It’s more normal than I thought, and it’s comfortable to hold. I think that’s fine. I’m amazed how realistic it looks. Heavy weight. The limbs are well made and articulated. Honestly, I didn’t expect much from the quality at this price, but I’m very satisfied. Joints move more freely than expected. I think this price is a good deal. This is a beautiful love doll! I love my girlfriend and am considering buying a second love doll.